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apple fangeeks are wii fangeeks

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apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from wii. (hehehehe). according to a post on my nintendo news, apple fangirls and fanboys love them some wii.

A recent survey conducted with 3,035 iPhone/iPod/iPad users by the Npoll iOS app shows that the majority of those surveyed prefer the Nintendo Wii over Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3.

Nintendo Wii is the most popular console with 51% of users telling NPolls they own this game console, followed by Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and Nintendo DS.

Well, there you go son!


Introducing the iPad and all the jokes that name brings

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I am a woman. I found the name iPad completely ridiculous. This is no surprise to most people as the name has created quite the buzz on the interwebs. The lovely ladies at Jezebel have posted a roundup of some of the awesome jokes that made their way to the top of the feeds on Twitter and in comments on other sites. For the record, iTampon was a trending topic on Twitter yesterday and further proof that Apple missed the mark. But I won’t bore you any further. Here is the post from Jezebel. Enjoy!

Apple’s iPad announcement earlier this afternoon prompted a score of WTFing across the internet, prompting many to ask, “Are there any women on Apple’s marketing team?” Answer: Apparently not. (Period.)

From Twitter (for what it’s worth, #iTampon is apparently the number three trending topic on the site.):

tjakabon: “It surfs the web AND stops the bleeding.”

Gelatobaby: And you can use the giant QWERTY keyboard to get your period on the #iPad!

CarolBlymire: Is #apple making an iPad for light-flow days? Just wondering…

Trish1981: iPad? Really? All I can say is, I’m sticking with Always, bitches.

tremendousnews: So I can say “That chick is on her iPad” and not be called a pig? Thank you Apple.

melissapierce: iPad has changed “the conversation” from how we use tech in context to how we use tech as Kotex. (who named this thing?)

TwittsMcGee: I haven’t heard this many period jokes since I was forced to watch The View last month. #iPad

kathycacace: Okay, just one more. The iPad: protecting your data from embarrassing incidents.

Johnpapa: “64 gig iPad will forever be known as the heavy flow model.”

From the comments section of “Period Pieces“:

lady_justice: Did the prototype come with a belt?

Lymed: Does the Period Tracker app come free?

fauxfruit: If I order this, will my boyfriend and I have to worry if it comes late?

andBegorrah: If you and your friends all buy one, will they sync up?

boston_nj: Meh. I’ll wait until they come out with the iDivaCup

morninggloria: Don’t wear white jeans while using an iPad, and especially don’t use an iPad in front of your crush. You’re a teen magazine embarrassing moment waiting to happen.

ms negative the easy-going unicorn: someone needs to make a ‘mysterious blue liquid stain on white’ wallpaper for this.

LilSpitfire: Later in the year they will be releasing the companion tablet pen, the Ipon.

Vesuvius At Home (I believe in peace, bitch): But what if the cute boys see me shopping for one? What if my dad has to take me??

NellMood: It’s so beautiful when an electronics company finally becomes a woman…

Cinnamoncanuck: @NellMood: Aunt Flo will be so happy! Reply

soykatrina: Eh, I prefer the CVS brand. A few bucks less but does the same thing…

vlvtjones: So will iffy Wifi coverage be called iSpotting?

morninggloria: Can I get a scented iPad for when my data feels not-so-fresh?

Mary McCarthyite: Everyone, just try to Stay(free) calm and Poise(d). It’s Always nice to see a new product on the market. I Depend on Apple to come up with great ideas. Maybe we’re taking this out of Kotex.

Lymed: Somebody give the iPad a Red Bull, because it ain’t no good without wings.

andBegorrah: Are you there, God? It’s me, Marketing.

NellMood: iPads are for 8th graders. I’m waiting for the iTampon, because I prefer to do all my interneting from inside my vagina.

BicSharpie: Hopefully it will help people deal with the 24-hour news cycle.

Earlier: 8 Reasons Women Should Be Excited For Apple’s “iPad”

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Kid turns Apple store into personal studio

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I saw this on Boing Boing and had to share with my favorite people – my readers. You guys know I love you! and I hope you love this video. He has done several of them so enjoy!!!

He has several more videos so feel free to check them out on his Youtube channel!

Apple revises iPhone moisture policy

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iPhoneI want to thank my girl at for posting this info about the Apple revision to the iPhone moisture policy.

The web is a buzz this morning with news that Apple has altered their iPhone replacement policy for phones with triggered moisture sensors. In my post below, I mention that when I went in, the rep at the Genius Bar told me that to get a new phone I would have to pay $399. I declined.

Well the new policy is that these users can now replace their phones at an Apple store for $199 and get either a new or refurbished unit without having to extend their contract with ATT. I think this is a great PR move on Apple’s part. This issue has been in the spotlight lately, and not just by me. $199 is certainly easier to swallow than $399. Actually someone in the comments on here stated that they wanted him to pay $599 to replace a 5-month old phone with a triggered sensor.

I got a call from my “new buddy” at Apple the other day letting me know that they have been really busy and are running behind but they have not forgotten about my case. My “case” being that they still want to rip apart my old phone and see what’s up with the sensors inside (my guess anyway). I think I may call him and see what he knows about this policy.

Easter Fun: iPeep Nanos

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Say good-bye to 99 cent music on iTunes

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itunes-logoApple has finally made good on their promise to introduce variable track pricing in the iTunes store. Songs now range from 69 cents to $1.29, with most still occupying the 99-cent mid-point that, up until today, was the only price tag available. I don’t know how I feel about paying $1.29 for one song and $0.99 for another on the same cd. Apparently the albums are roughly the same price though so it’s still beneficial to drop $10 and buy the whole thing. That’s usually what I do rather I want to or not. But it’s nice to have the option of buying the three songs on the album that you like and leaving the rest behind.

iTunes updates are getting out of hand

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software-update1Is it me or do we have to update iTunes every other week? And for what? Apple is starting to get a lot like Windows with the constant updates and carrying on. I’m tired of it. So, what’s covered in the new version?

The new version (currently available from Software Update) supposedly fixes syncing issues with the iPhone and iPod touch (which I’ve been lucky enough not to encounter) and with VoiceOver, the we-don’t-need-no-stinkin’-display substitute for the iPod Shuffle.

It’s also supposed to bring HD movie rental support to the media management software, though a cursory investigation by yours truly does not reveal any movies that are currently available for rent in said format, in either the Canadian or the U.S. iTunes stores. Maybe the standard $3.99 rental price now includes an HD resolution copy when available? I’m too scared to try it out, so let us know if you’re a braver soul than I.