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comic book love

Posted in Geekery with tags , , , , on December 30, 2010 by Nourisha

I was bored at work so i wrote this little poem about comic book love. hehehe. enjoy!

i can be the pepper potts to your tony stark,
you can call me lois lane since you’re my favorite clark.
maybe you’re my strong, black panther and i’m you’re perfect storm.
together we can be on top like bruce wayne with rachel on his arm.
if you prefer bad girls know that i’m down with either or.
i’ll be your harley quinn and you my brilliant joker.
how about i be the baroness to your wicked destro.
developing evil plots to terrorize the joes.
however you call it i’m sure we’ll have fun.
you’re definitely my 42 so say i’m you’re number one!


Which Marvel comics deserve big screen treatment?

Posted in Geekery, Life Imitating Art with tags , , , , on June 16, 2009 by Nourisha

io9 has compiled a list of who they think should get red carpet treatment in Marvel’s quest to make 4 comic book movies a year. Do you agree?


If Marvel really wants to make four movies a year, then they’re going to have to dig deep into their toybox to find enough characters to fill them. Luckily, we’re here to help out with some suggestions.First off, let’s remember that Marvel doesn’t have access to all of their own characters when it comes to movies; Fox have the rights to the X-Men characters, the Fantastic Four and certain related characters, and the Daredevil franchise, while Sony will doubtless do everything it can to keep hold of the hugely-successful Spider-Man license. So where does that leave Marvel? Well, with plenty of other characters, it seems… Here are our suggestions, complete with high concept pitches to sell them to the execs, and split out into genres:

Trippy SF

You’re welcome, Marvel.

Here is your chance to ruin Watchmen!

Posted in Geekery, Life Imitating Art with tags , , , , on March 4, 2009 by Nourisha

etwatchmenThe homies at Gizmodo hosted a Ruin Watchmen photo contest this week that encouraged you to insert random non-belonging things into stills from the super cool Watchmen movie. I know you are as stoked as me to see it — though I won’t be at the midnight showing as I couldn’t take Friday off. Oh well, I will be seeing it at IMAX and I can’t wait! Enough about me, back to the contest. Here is the link to the Gallery of Champions!

Here are the winners: