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Tonight I’m Frakking You

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because this is the awesome, i’m sharing with you guys!


Jedi flash mob rocked my geeky world

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Lightsabers ready? Aim? Attack! You know I flipped when I saw this. This jedi flash mob rocked my world and I hope it does the same for you! Oh how I long to be in a ubber cool flash mob. But it must be good. I’m a dancer and a fighter so I want some kill bill action mixed with a little mj. hahaha.

The Lightsaber Flashmob in Bristols Cabot Circus on 13th February 2010. The Video was filmed and edited by Scott Waller, Benjamin Gabb and Dan Tonkin.

October means pumpkins and Star Wars

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Yep, it’s the first day of October, which is the official kick-off of fall in my mind. The weather changes, the days get shorter and halloween is just around the corner. I am not a fan of halloween as I’m on the scary side and halloween tends to be scary. Yet, I get excited when I see fun ways to celebrate halloween that incorporates my love of all things geek.

Today, I am posting pictures of Star Wars themed carved pumpkins that I saw on Enjoy!

Art is in the eye of the fanboy

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It has been a while since I’ve posted the winners of the Gizmodo photoshop contest. This week is particularly interesting as the task was to take popular fine art and remix it with a Star Wars fanboy flair. The result is hilarious as usual! See for yourself.  And if you have any level of photoshoping skills, you should enter one week.


Hello Wars mashes star wars and hello kitty

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I totally scooped this from Geeksugar because I’m always on that site but I thought it was cute enough to share with the fangirls out there.

My geeksugar readers, I know some of you love Hello Kitty. And I know some of you love Star Wars. Do you love both?! If so, then meet Hello Wars, a series of stickers that puts Star Wars characters’ faces on Hello Kitty faces and then renders them in sticker form! Each awesome sticker is just $1 each.


Sexiest trailer I’ve ever seen: Star Wars Old Republic

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Some video game trailers make you laugh, others make you scratch your head in confusion. The Star Wars: Old Republic trailer got me all hot and bothered!!!!! Check it out at Game Trailers!

Fanboys strike back for fitness

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starwarsfitnessToday is a good day for fanboys around the world. First Lego business cards and now light sabor fitness classes. It’s like someone died and went to heaven. For the record, that someone is not me. For me to die and go to heaven I would have had to be casted as the voice for some super smart and sassy cartoon chick that becomes a major blockbuster! Hey, it’s my fantasy and this is my blog!! Back to fanboy fitness – star wars light sabor fitness classes are real. I couldn’t make this stuff up if they paid me. And I wouldn’t mind at all being paid to make stuff up. I’m just saying.

So, here is the scoop:

A new lightsaber-wielding fitness regime lets you work out and geek-out all at the same time. That’s right, the favorite weapon of the Jedi knights (and your little brother) is now the focus of an exercise craze. Longtime Stars Wars fan Master Flynn, 38, is the creator of New York Jedi, which holds lightsaber classes in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The workouts are a mix of martial arts, fencing and play acting — complete with costumes and lightsabers. Continue reading